Sophomore Class Officers

President:  Alex Mathison
Vice President:  Kasey Back
Treasurer: Matt Lutes
Secretary: Makaila Eikhoff

The sophomore class dues are $50 for the 2014-2015 school year. Dues need to be paid in full to Jane Sagen in the office to receive a yearbook or attend Prom in the spring!

Thanks to Kasey Back for designing the homecoming button!  Thanks to committee for selling buttons--Abby, Matt G, Porscha, Payton Dawson Tatum, Kasey, and especially Annalise and  Matt L!

Thanks to the coronation committee for ordering crowns and sashes and decorating a beautiful space for coronation night--Taylor, Carlee, Porscha, Abby, and especially Libby, Payton, Kasey!

Thanks to the float committee for designing the "Sink the Rebels" float--Abby, Connor, Luke, Taylor, Hannah, Porscha, Caleb, and especially Ashley, Rianna, and Brady!

If you have any questions, contact the sophomore advisors Mrs. Mueller or Ms. Nielsen.

Contact: Becky Mueller