November 4th

Meeting time they went around the circle and gave each other high fives and said good morning or good afternoon to each other. We made play dough as a group and used the play dough to make letters that we have learned. This week we added the letter Ii into our ABCs. Worked on the sound it makes and how to write it. At home you can practice writing the letter Ii and the other ones we have learned like T, H, F, and L. Our name are improving from the beginning of the year which is great progress!! During centers we retold the story of the Little Old Lady that was not Afraid of Anything. We read the book a couple of time and then they were to cut out the pictures and put them in order. I am working on their power goals for them to work on by Monday they should all have their power goals and I will send them home so you can work at it at home too. During math we added the ABC pattern and the number 3.