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Tuesday, March 20th, 2018



  1. Reminder to those students attending the YAYA Conference in 3rd-5th grade to return your session choices and the $15 as soon as possible. 
  2. The goal for 3rd quarter is 208 steps.  The 3rd Quarter Reward will be the movie Wonder  at the Jem Theatre for those students that reach or exceed the goal on April 5th.  Remider to get your permission forms turned in to your homeroom teachers. 
  3. The School Newspaper will be meeting today at 10:45 in the Art Room.
  4. Kathy and Darla will be out of the office this Thursday and Friday. Please plan accordingly. Thanks!
  5. Happy Birthday today to Kenny Biel, Carson Nagel and Ella Michael today!


Lunch Today:

Harvest Chicken Salad, Roll (Lettuce mix, apples, dried cranberries, grapes, bacon) or Classic Cheeseburger

Tator Tots

Fruit and Veggie Bar




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